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啟動「返老回春」基因 - 長命百歲不再是夢


不老、凍齡、長壽,無論時光幾經流轉都是人類追求的目標,隨著多年研究,科學家發現長壽的關鍵在於「Sirtuin」(簡稱:SIRT) 長壽基因身上🧬。每個人體內都有7種SIRT,它能提高細胞的代謝存活能力、減少自由基對身體的傷害、對抗炎症、促進基因損傷修復力等。不過,平時SIRT是沉睡的,只有透過激活才能起到抗衰逆齡、預防及延緩疾病的功用。

在一篇發表在《細胞》期刊的研究顯示📜,負責修復受損基因的SIRT6對延長壽命非常重要。人體細胞中無時無刻都有DNA受到損害,當細胞累積大量 DNA 損傷而老化時,其修復速度就會減慢;隨著年紀增長,DNA 會越來越容易斷裂,出現 DNA 雙股斷裂(double-strand break)。基因組的變異及不穩定 - 是患上癌症及加速老化的標誌之一。過往實驗發現,較長壽的物種SIRT6之活性較強。

你的逆齡鎖匙: NMN與 NAD+

如果將長壽基因SIRT比喻為一輛車,NMN就是為SIRT提供燃料,使SIRT得以發揮功能。NAD+是人體內一種重要的輔酶,它參與多個重要的細胞代謝反應,更重要的是,它是DNA修復酶PARP的必需原料、以及決定SIRT活性的關鍵🧬。NAD+在體內的水平會隨年紀越大而下降📉,導致身體「老化ing」。但由於NAD+分子較大,無法直接口服補充;反之,NMN是 NAD+的前體物質,容易穿過細胞膜進入細胞,2個NMN結合形成1個NAD+。研究指出NMN可在10-30分鐘內被身體組織吸收,有效提高NAD+含量,恢復年輕態。雖然一般蔬菜水果都含NMN,但含量極小,對身體起不到修復作用。所以如果大家想有效提高NAD+水平,服用NMN補充品還是較為直接!


The Sirtuin Story Unfolds: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To

It’s a seemingly undeniable truth that aging is inevitable. But what if everything we’ve been told to believe about aging is not true? What if we could control over how long we live? With years of research, scientists have revealed an incredible breakthroughs - the key to slow down, or even reverse aging lies in the ‘Sirtuin’ (SIRT) longevity genes🧬. There are 7 types of SIRT in our body, which is required for DNA repair, genome stability, cell cycle and inflammatory response. However, SIRT is keeping silent unless it gets activated, improving health and banishing diseases of old age. A study published in the journal Cell discovered that SIRT6 is crucial for extending lifespan because of its role in recruiting enzymes that repair broken DNA📜. Replication errors and DNA damage occur in human cells all the time. As we grow older, DNA becomes more prone to breakage. DNA mutation and instability is one of the hallmarks of cancer and aging. Previous experiments have found that species with a more active SIRT6 live longer.

Rewinding your biological clock: NMN and NAD+

If the longevity gene SIRT were a car, NMN would be the fuel that allowed it to run. In our body, NAD+ is an important coenzyme. It involved in numberous key metabolic pathways. More importantly, it is an essential substrates for DNA repair enzyme (PARP) and the key to determine SIRT activity🧬. Aging is linked to a decrease in NAD+ levels📉, however, we cannot directly absorb NAD+ through oral intake due to its bulky size. Contrarily, NMN, the precursor of NAD+, can easily penetrate the cell membrane. Two NMNs combine to form one NAD+. Research showed that NMN only takes 10-30 minutes to get into body tissues, significantly increasing NAD+ content and restoring youth. Although NMN is found in a variety of foods including vegetables and fruits, the amount is too subtle to create a repairing effect. So if you want to effectively boost your NAD+ level, taking NMN supplements is the way to go - more straightforward!

In the near future, we may not just be able to feel younger, but actually become younger…

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